Keris Mpu Gandring

Mpu Gandring Keris is a weapon of the famous heritage in the establishment of the Kingdom Singhasari history in the area of ​​Malang, East Java today. Keris is famous because of the curse that took the lives of elite Singasari including founder and wearer, Ken Arok.

Keris is made by a blacksmith who was known to be magic called
MPU Gandring, on orders Ken Arok, one of the robbers figure that according to a Brahmin named Lohgawe is wisnu bead. Ken Arok ordering this dagger to the MPU Gandring with one night only, which is a nearly impossible job done by the "mpu" (clever title for a metal that is so powerful) at the time. However MPU Gandring capablely with supernatural powers he had. Even the power was "transferred" into a homemade dagger was to increase the ability and the magic dagger.

After finishing a dagger with a perfect shape and form even has a supernatural ability that supposedly said to exceed that period's keris. MPU Gandring completing the work to make the dagger scabbard. But there is no longer sheath is completed, Ken Arok come to take the dagger which he had taken one day and haris. Then Ken Arok and final test these Keris Keris is was inserted on MPU Gandring he allegedly did not keep his word (because it has not finished dagger scabbard are made) the rest even be said to test the ability of the keris is against the supernatural powers of the keris maker (which was stored in the
keris to add to his ability). In dying, mpu Gandring issued a curse that Kris will ask the victim lives of seven generations of Ken Arok. On his way, a dagger is involved in the dispute and the royal elite assassination Singhasari namely :
Thus the stories I tell. thanks for reading.


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